Australia Day

Australia, Flag
Today is Australia Day here in the land of Oz - 26th of January. For some it is a stark reminder of how white Australia began, for some it is about celebrating our current multi cultural way of life, for some it is about saying sorry about past events in our history, for some it is about our culture evolving. Whatever we feel about this, the day is about BBQ's, family and fireworks at local parks and celebrating the Australian of the Year - Ita Buttrose. Ita is a strong woman and has had a massive presence in the media, (television, magazines  newspapers, books) since the 70's. She has been instrumental in forging paths for woman and promoting a sense of fair justice for all Australians. Ita works to raise the profile of AIDES, World Vision, Juvenile Diabetes  Woman of Vision, University of Third Age, National Menopause Foundation, Sydney's Woman's Festival, Safety House and Alzheimers. What an amazing lady!

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