Take care everyone in all weather

Across our planet we are experiencing the most unusual weather. 
Here in Victoria, Australia, we are experiencing fires. The heat in Australia has been so unusual that the Weather Bureau has had to add more colours on our forecasting maps. We now have purple!
Queensland and Northern NSW are having floods. My Mum and Dad, who live in Northern NSW have taken photos of their backyard and they are lucky as they have a built up yard - their neighbours either side not so lucky. One of my sisters lives in Brisbane and there are photos of her backyard with my nieces' toys floating in their backyard. Bundaburg, QLD is experiencing massive flooding (photo from social media). Some schools are shut tomorrow on our first day back due to severe flooding, while in USA some schools have a SNOW day.  How crazy is our weather?
Please take care of yourselves wherever you are. 

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