Weather Unit - posted

 I had a few things to edit and just tidy up on this unit of work. So here is my Weather Unit all done and ready to start in maybe four or five weeks time. 

Our Preps (Foundation) need to acknowledge that when the weather changes we need to change our clothes and our activities. 

They also need to record how we may have to look after our pets depending on the weather. 
I have put some graphing information and analysing data ideas to use on a calendar.

There is a word wall you can add to as your unit progresses.

I have worked this unit using power-point and have to say how much easier it was than using word. I was able to be much more accurate with text boxes, borders, background papers and fonts. I wouldn't go back to using word again to help publish my units of work. The task even took less time as my templates were not moving all over the place.

The only down side I encountered was I couldn't move between landscape and portrait - it was one or the other. Maybe there is a way around this!

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