Fairy Tales - My newest unit

We normally start the year off by doing some Fairy Tales and looking at characters, setting and plot. While this pack contains many writing tasks, for Preps at the start of the year most of these tasks will be modelled or shared.
Prep is the new Foundation in the Australian Curriculum and is our first year at school in Australia after three and four old kinder. I am not suggesting that you do all these tasks, but choose what best suits your grade and their teaching and learning needs.
In this pack (82 pages) are tasks for gathering what your students know, word walls, character/plot/setting, comparing, brainstorming, making a wand, I see/I think/I wonder, what characters do, rainbow words, change the ending, invitations, story charts, recounts and conflict/resolutions.
There are individual tasks for the following  Fairy Tales - they are my top ten Tales. They also fit with the Fairy Tales at 'Fairy Park' in Anakie that we visit for the day. (sheets for Mom/Mum favourite/favorite spelling too!)
Little Red Riding Hood: lists, sequences, character mapping, rhyming words, making a game, wanted poster, listing basket goodies
The Frog Prince: ‘fr’ and ‘pr’ words, beginning/middle and ending, reading and word games
Hansel and Gretel: design a gingerbread house, shopping list, labelling, decorate your own gingerbread house, problem solving
Snow White: characters and names, describing words, matching numerals to names, cause and effect
Goldilocks and the Three Bears: setting, matching, apology letter, describing feelings
The Three Little Pigs: speech bubbles, problem solving houses, record damage of houses being blown down, innovation for poems
Cinderella: before and after, lists, shoes, describing words
Rapunzel: story board, tower and ways to leave it, characters
Jack and the Beanstalk: problem solving, sequence of characters, cause and effect, change the ending, rhyming words
Three Billy Goats Gruff: rhyming words, draw/describe and action
Avaliable on Teachers Notebook and Teacher's Marketplace. Will be available also on Teachers Pay Teachers later tonight.

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