At last - images are done

I have been working on this concept for a few weeks and now have it ready. So now our blogging friends from around the world can see where we are from.

I have mucked around with buttons, grabbing code and it all looked rather cumbersome on the side of my blog.

So I have decided to go with photos resized with the help of photobucket and linked back using the 'add image' on blogger dashboard.

This has now contained the images on my AUSSIE BLOGGER page and makes it all neat and tidy.
So calling all Aussie bloggers to link up and thanks for those that already have.
Copy these buttons for your blog and add them as an 'image' in 'gadgets' to link back to this page.

Don't forget to add your own link below so that visitors to this page can see where you are from.

Now to get back to the reports I should have been writing this weekend. I still have a few weeks, but I like to get on them as I prefer to come back and read them at least twice before they get uploaded.

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