I had to come home early today as I was struck with a tummy bug that came so quickly. After a few hours sleep and some water and bread rations I think I am on the mend. It is never a good time to be out of a classroom and I was also absent from our team meeting.
Before I had to go, we had some preps who are doing such a great job with their word recognition when reading that we have started doing LSCWC with them .
Yesterday I blogged about using small whiteboards for this and how successful that was with this group. So we are about to use this book to cover the words we are looking at. Watch this space for how it turns out. We are trying to create independent writers and readers and this is one strategy.
For our Aussie bloggers/readers how are you processing our new curriculum for writing? The work samples for Foundation and Year 1 have us working really hard. They are above what our expectations were last year using our Victorian Curriculum for Prep and Grade 1.
Even though our cohort last year were well above the expected level by the end of the year, we have a bit of work this year but feel confident that we will have the majority of our students above the expected level.
We already have a core of students above in reading for June. Something to celebrate.

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