Wacky Wednesday - join me

Join me for Wacky Wednesday!!!!!!! See details below..
Here is my story for this month. A few years ago, in another school and another state and a much younger version of me, in a school nowhere near the sea. A principal promised me a feed of yabbies for helping him to get great scores in footy tipping. I was under the impression they were ocean creatures. He strung me along for an entire footy season - I trusted him! He told me he would hire a bus for my grade, take care of all the notes and we would still leave at 9 and be back by 3. The day came and he said that we would go for a walk first, we headed into the bush - I was bewildered. We came to a dam (like a pond) and he asked me to pull on a rope, out came a huge pigs head and attached were all these yabbies. Joke was on me as my grade were in on it as well. So no trip to the beach for this Queenslander. But those yabbies were amazing.....

We work with amazing people, little people and there are many funny, crazy things we hear. see and do! This can be a funny job we do five days a week  - so our stories may be old and just now getting an airing. Even if there are just two or three of us - share the funny things that happen. Laughter is great medicine.
The rules are simple
- share a crazy comment, incident, task or event that has happened to you in the past week/month/year etc.
- protect the privacy of our kids/parents/colleagues....unless it is about you and you want to own up!
- link up below and link back to Paula's Place and Wacky Wednesday

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  1. Its been more of a crazy Wednesday for me ... as I read Wacky Wednesday and I did not get anywhere with my homeschooler. Perhaps it is the wrong book but I am still reflecting on how I could have prepared better my 8 year old who has difficulty reading independently.


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