Some new skills for me

I have with the help of some blogging friends worked out how to add my blog name as a signature at the end of a comment post.  In the end this is what works for my blog- so thanks to the amazing bloggers I now know!
<i><b><a href="http://your url/">your blog name</a></b></I> 
I am also pushing myself to learn how to make a button for what I hope will be an amusing linky party - called WACKY WEDNESDAY. I  am hoping that this will be about a crazy comment, incident, task or event that has happened to you in the past week.
We work with amazing people, little people and there are many funny, crazy things we hear. see and do! This can be a funny job - but remember we need to protect the privacy of our kids/parents - so our stories may be old and just now getting an airing....keep names out of it and anything that may identify people, unless it is about you and you want to own up!
I am hoping to have it ready by next Wednesday and hey, if only 1 or 2 people link up - I will still have a laugh. I am aiming at doing this only once a month. So get your funny stories ready and spread the word.

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