What is a photo story?

A photo (picture) can paint a thousand words or so they say! It is actually true. If you take a photo of your grade or part of your grade you take a snapshot of what they are actually like.
I have used a free program called photohide to protect the faces of my munchkins.
I shared this photo with a team of teachers when I was trying to stress that each child is different and what is best fit for one is not best fit for another. Their faces where not hidden and the task more powerful.
When you look at how each one sits - one is looking over the arm of the chair, one is leaning forward and waiting to see what is going to happen, another is so laid back he is almost asleep. One is looking at others to find clues as how they should behave, one is holding hands with another and wants to be secure. One just fidgets!
How many of you see children from your own grade here? How do we tailor learning to fit all, challenge all and exceed potential for all?
Out team have decided that these are some of the ways we can help address this
- team teaching
- team planning
- team logs
- anecdotal notes
- team coaching
- data walls
- point of need teaching
- differentiation
- professional learning for us
- daily 5 in English
-iSURF in Maths
assess - plan - teach - assess - plan - teach

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