Apples, Apples and More Apples - Writing Prompts and Information text

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62 pages
This pack gives you planners, rubrics and facts to write an information text about apples. There are writing tasks provided that help to build knowledge about apples to support your students to complete the information task.


KWHL - Print and go version. This will assist in assessing what your grade knows and help when writing the Information Text This is what we know about… - This is what we want to know …- This is how we will find out what we want to know…… - This is our new learning about ….

Fact cards - These cards can be used as - Discussion starters - Display these facts about apples and discuss what they mean - Use as starters for the Information Text to help build the paragraphs

Color Prompts - These can be used for shared texts or modeled writing tasks
Black and white prompts - print and go templates

Photo prompts - Use these as class prompts for writing tasks. Display around the room. You could attach words underneath to assist in writing tasks as a word wall.

Extra tasks - I see, I think, I wonder – apples, bees - Apples/bees can- have- are

Thinker’s Keys - There are 20 keys for writing prompts. The recording sheet is for students to record their responses. Discuss the task first and brainstorm together. Use the criteria to conference with students

Information Text - There is a rubric to discuss with the students before you start. The planner will help to record key words.  A writing sheet is included as well as an extra page for extension writers to use. There is an image to attach to the finished piece

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