Farm Animals - A Reading and Writing Pack

Do your students know where our food comes from? This Farm Animal – Reading and Writing Pack will help you with establishing these connections. The activities focus on animals on the farm.
Word Wall

  • I am a firm believer that all work should start with a word wall. This enables our students to have access to words that will help them formulate texts and ideas.
  • Print in color or use the save ink version.
  • Display the pages so that the students can see them and add to them over time. As you move through the Unit add to the list.
  • Brainstorm words your students know and add to the correct section. This will allow you to check for sound confusions and word pronunciation.

Word Work
  • Alphabet Key - With a partner add words in the correct box for Farm animals and food we get from the farm.
  • Making Words – g, ao, c, t, d, g, p, h, n, m, sh, ee

Writing Tasks
  • Record what you know about farm machinery, chickens, cows, ducks, goats, horses, pigs, roosters
  • Farm Research Grid
  • What I see – think and wonder about - chickens, cows, ducks, goats, horses, pigs, roosters
  • Farm animal facts for chickens, cows, ducks, goats, horses, pigs, roosters
  • Venn Diagrams – pig/sheep, cow/horse, chicken/hen
  • The animal I like best- A job I would like to do – What I know about food from the farm
  • Diary of a farmer and an animal
  • A variety of papers are in included for writing

Reading Tasks
  • Set One - Match the mother to the baby
  • Set Two – Match the labels to show hatch animal gives us
  • Two small readers
  • If possible have some chicken eggs and an incubator in your classroom. The next best thing is a clip available from social media sites that show the chicken growing in the egg at different stages.
  • Use library books to read and then help to order the life cycle and add facts about chicken and eggs!

Science Tasks
  • Look at the page with the different stages of the chicken growing within the egg. Number them and add information.

Down on the Farm  is now 121 pages long

There are clear links to USA and Australian Curriculum

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