David Walliams - Love him!

My team teaching buddy - Stacey, has instilled a love of David Walliams in our kids and me!

I was walking through a shop today and saw this little treasure and just had to buy it. 

Who is David Walliams.... you ask?

Click here for a great interactive website about all things David Walliams


This is him and what was our first shared read this year. 

As grown ups - you may recognise him from Little Britain - a funny show that borders on the ridiculous and often naughty skits. 

But back to his books - kids love them, they are well written and do have twists and turns, kids that do amazing things, naughty things and win over the evil adults. 

If you haven't read any of them - please do so, you won't be sorry and your grade will love you. 

If you cannot find me tomorrow - I will be in a cosy place - reading my new book. 

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