Are you in need of some writing prompts?

118 pages

This pack is to help motivate your writers. The prompts can be used by having a discussion about what the topic is, brainstorm possible setting, plot and character if it is a narrative. When doing a recount make sure there is a clear beginning, middle and end that shows sequenced events.
The planning picture is for a ‘quick draw’. Do this in writing pencil and outline only of what the story is about. Then write the story. There are spare writing pages at the back if the writer needs more space.

Conferencing - After writing, read back and revise, edit and share for feedback by completing the checklist together.

When these steps are done the add color to the planning picture and the clip art picture.

Here is the list of topics ….4th July - A Day as a Park Ranger - A Desert Holiday - A Myth - An Author - At the Beach - Australian Animals – Autumn - Back In the 50s – Basketball - Best Present Ever - Best Read Ever - Best Story Ever - Book, Books, Books – Bugs - Building with blocks - Dad and Daughter - Dad and Donuts - Crazy Hair Day - Crazy Sock Day - Columbus Day - Detective for a Day – Diwali - Doctor for a Day - Earth Day - Easter Egg Hunt – Fall - Father's Day - Feeling Sad – Firefighter - Fishing Trip - Follow the Leader - Ghost Story - Goldilocks for a Day - Happy New Year – Halloween - I don't like being sick - I found Gold! - If I was a Cowboy - If I were a Soldier - If I were an Elf - I like to Cook - I love Chocolate - In the Park - Karate Capers - Lil' Bo Peep - Little Boy Blue - Little Jack Horner  - Mary, Mary Quite Contrary - Little Miss Muffet - Mermaid for a Day - Monkey Tails - Mother's Day - Mother and Son - Mummy for a Day - Muffin for Mother - My Dog - My Easter Story - My fav Day - My Grandad - My Nan - My Pop - On a Ride - Our Road Trip - Peace Man – Penguins - Photo Day - Start of School - St Patrick's Day - Off to School - On a Carousel - On the Farm - Our Christmas Tree - Pilgrim Travels - Pirate Day - Playing Football - Playing Soccer - Policeman for a Day - Pumpkins, Pumpkins - Queen for a Day - Robot for a Day - Sailor Story - Saving for a ... - Shopping Trip - Statue of Liberty - Superhero Story - Train Ride - Thanksgiving - Scarecrow Story – Summer - The Baseball Game - The Bike Ride - The Playground - The Rollercoaster - Three Little Pigs - TV shows I like - Ugly Christmas Sweater  - Up, Up and away - Valentine's Day - When I am 100 - What I think about Clowns – Winter – Witch - Wizard

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