Stellaluna is a great read. 

It is the endearing story of a lost young bat who finally finds her way safely home to her mother and friends. 

It is a great book to read as you are studying bats or birds. 

I have put together a pack to help you get the best out of Stellaluna. 

Stellaluna – English pack 45 pages

Word Wall Cards - Use these words as a display or in a learning center to sort into categories or to find our meanings or to put into sentences or stories or use in writing or put into alphabetical order

KWHL - Copy each page and display as a grade list the things you - Know about Stellaluna - Want to know about Stellaluna - How will we find this out - Our new Learning about Stellaluna

Word Splashes - Around each picture record words to describe it. Discuss adjectives, verbs and nouns

Interactive Pages - On the front – draw an illustration. Under the flap – write a description for the Beginning, middle and end of story and Personality traits for Stellaluna

Writing Tasks - Flap Book, Stellaluna loves to…, Life in a nest, Spare writing pages , ACROSTIC poem, Side graphics for stories , Venn Diagram , At night I …If I were a bat I would

Word Work - Use these as a whole class lesson or an individual focus for word work tasks. Pages for – at, ir, ight

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