Me and My Family Pack has been revised

This was next on my list to review. 
If you already own this please download it again and get the new clip art, fonts and pages. 

Me and My Family is now 120 pages

Through experimentation and play, children use their interest in people and how things work to make sense of their world. Exploring how diverse families are helps young learners to accept differences.

Getting to know one another - This is Me, Birthday Information, Celebrations, Words to describe my Family, This is my Family, A Few of My Favorite things, Family Word Wall

Discovery Learning Task Suggestions - Writing about families, Blocks to make a home, Use mirrors to draw a face, Picnic role play, Collage about families, Letter writing, Home corner, Pastel drawing, Draw and count, Doll’s house, Use “Paint”, Puppets, Reading books, Counting family, Whiteboard drawing

Ideas for Word Work - Alphabet Keys – Family, Holidays as Families, About Me. Record words in each box for the topic and in the empty boxes they can draw a picture about the topic.  

Label Body Parts – use these sheets to write in the names of the body parts.

Match up the Body Parts - Enlarge to A3 and laminate. 

LSCWC – use this to assist in spelling the words correctly. Record the word in column 1. Then Look at the word, Say it, Cover it, Write it and then Check it. Each letter stands for a step in the process. 

Matching pictures to names. Print and laminate the pictures and cards and cut them. Match the cards to the pictures. There may be more than one card for each picture for e.g. the girl could have girl, sister, daughter, granddaughter or niece.

Writing tasks - This next section contains writing tasks and also writing papers for the following topics- My family love to …., Our House, Acrostic Poem for My Family, Photo page and text , 
Invitation for Grandparent’s Day – copy back to back, Venn Diagram – My Grandparents and I, My brother/sister/cousin comparison, Our best holiday – draw on one and write on one, Class Museum. Flip Book for Family, friends and yourself.

Mathematics - Time words – print and complete worksheets, Losing Teeth - graph as you lose teeth, plus a class graph to enlarge to A3 and complete as a shared lesson. Telling time – print and laminate as a learning centre. Money spent for a muffin. Graphing family members you live with as a grade. 

Timeline of major events in your life. 

Matching number of people in a family with the numeral and word.

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