A visit - 'daily 5' and 'Cafe Literacy'

Today we were host to another school. They wanted to see 'daily 5' in action as well as look at aspects of 'Cafe Literacy'.  As Curriculum Leader I had the pleasure of doing a learning walk and seeing our school through their eyes.
We, like any other school have teachers that are at different entry points and there are different but similar components of 'daily 5/Cafe Literacy' happening in each room.
We have a high number of teachers engaging in double teaching spaces, doing 'daily 5' and 'Cafe Literacy'.
It was a real pleasure to share what was happening across the school and take them on a tour. I then sat with them and answered questions and shared various documents with them.
I loved that my current preps were able to show 'read to self' and 'read to someone'. I love that I can teach, do my leading teacher role, coach and share our journey with others.
I love my job!

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