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Today I was at work later than normal. I arrived at 8.15am knowing I had a big day ahead. Plus the only time today I would see my own family.

I taught until 3.30, then chaired a team meeting until 5pm. Filed, sorted, marked and prepared until 6.30pm. I didn't get a break, recess I was chasing up netbook issues for the 3-6 students and taking a call from Mathletics. At lunch time I led a coaching conversation and had yard duty.  At 6.30 I attended the Annual General School Council meeting until 9pm and then home. As I sit down to a late dinner and read the local paper digitally and read a story and hundreds of comments about how slack our teachers are and how we are irresponsible in our current bargaining with the government.

We do not take work bans or industrial action lightly. We agonise and think big picture about the millions of dollars slashed from education, inequity of resources and funding.

This makes me sad, as teachers all across the world work hard and we put our heart and soul and often our hands in our own pockets to educate children to exceed their potential everyday.

Yet, I wouldn't have changed anything about my day. I actually go to work and love it and love everything I do. How many people can say that?

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