Missing numbers

We had fun with missing numbers this week.
Our green theme is for St Patrick's Day and the Preps loved that the leprechaun stole some numbers and we had to fill them in.
The task cards were differentiated for different learning needs - some groups had 1-10, some 1-20, some 1-100 and some 1-125.
We used textas or dry erase markers depending on the size of the square on our card.
Students did one by themselves and then got a buddy to check and they could use our 120 counting frame to help. There were six different cards for each group to practise on. When they did one and checked they could do another one.
There was lots of talking about what was next and lots of checking that we all started our numerals from the top when we are writing them.
These cards are part of my St Patrick's Day unit, copied in colour and laminated. Using them was an easy way to then take notes on individual students and see how they were forming numerals and what they knew about numbers.

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