Easter planning

In our Prep space we plan very differently to other spaces. The tasks pictured are from my Easter unit.
I team teach with Chrissy, job share with Kate so I can coach on Tuesdays.
Jan and Pascale team teach in the other end of our open space.
Hope you are still all following.

Jan and I plan for Maths and Discovery Learning.
Pascale and Chrissy plan for English - reading and writing.
Hope you are still all following.
So Jan and I when planning maths for Easter we need to know
- where every child is to plan for differentiation in maths
- copy any worksheets for all groups
- organise all centres for  the space
- take the lead in delivering maths in both ends of our space
The benefits are that we know all 82 preps and where they are, we plan effectively as a team, we need to be super organised so we do not let anyone down.
These Easter tasks are part of my Hop into Easter Unit.

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