Word work

Last year we started 'daily 5' mid year. This year we have started day one.

Today we began to revise what is best fit and how this looks in 'word work'.

My Preps are all learning different coloured words using M100W's and this is the basis for our best fit word work. Some groups are working on silly sentences, which is a commercial kit and reading them independently.

Another group are using salt words to write their red words. This is in a container with about 2cm of salt in the bottom, like an old fashioned sand tray.

I also introduced LSCWC. They look at the word, say it out loud, cover it, write it and then check it.

They gave it a good go and I can see that I need to look at letter reversals and word reversals. I also noticed that we need to work on spaces between words too! An easy way to set learning goals.

There was also a group that are working on rhyming words and this was a lot of fun. There was lots of laughter about what else rhymes.

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