Maths rotations

I just love maths!
I love hands on resources, I love strategy games, I love the planning, I love the doing and most of all I love the learning.

We used 10 sided dice to roll a number, record it and then draw a collection to match.

Games are great and we are looking at seasons and here is a game that lets us count as well.

Practising our numerals is a full time job and we take starting at the top very seriously.
Rainforest Maths is great on the smart board (sorry for the quality of that photo). We were using Level A - Counting bugs.

We will be ready to look at counting on from the biggest collection very soon for some students. They handled this very well.

Dinosaur Dots is fun for identifying numbers to 6 for those who need it.

We love rolling the large dice and making collections to match. We are really good at this now and some students are ready for 20.

I could spend at least two hours a day on Maths and I know my students would love it.

Watch out for St Patrick's Day Maths tasks next week.

A friend and I are trialling an approach to the Australian Curriculum and AusVELS that would also suit the Common Core Curriculum in USA. I will post more information as we complete some more trials.

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