Cute baskets

Sorry these photos are not the right way round - I have tried and tried to get them to rotate and they are very stubborn and keep reverting back every time - you may need to tilt your device.........hehe

These Easter baskets were a hoot to make - our preps just loved them. One of the prep teachers saw this idea somewhere on the internet - so if they are yours please let me know and I will give you credit for this fab idea.

This is what we did
1. Cut the paper plate to look like a basket
2. Paint the paper plates
3. Glue onto card when dry, no glue to close to where you will tuck the eggs in
4. Decorate about six egg shapes
5. Add some sparkle to the eggs
6. Glue the eggs into the basket so they are overlapping and peeking out
7. Take one large egg shape and decorate
8. Add a bead of glue in a line and add special rabbit shaped confetti
9. Glue large egg on
10. Attach the special chick (they come in boxes of 20 from Spotlight and are cute and fluffy) and felt chick
11. Take home and enjoy

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