Flip Flop product swap

I have done a product swap through 'confessions of a teaching junkie' who is hosting this linky.

So Brenda from Primary Inspired and I have swapped items.

I have selected her Beanie Baby Decoding Pack.

They are posters to use in your classroom to assist students with reading strategies when they get stuck on a word or need to have help with decoding.

I love the clear pictures, the concise and easy to read text.
They are colourful and look great.
The graphics are extremely well suited to the content and will be loved by the kids.
I had a teacher walk passed the copier as I was printing them and even she said that they were brilliant.
They look amazing when laminated as they are in bright, clear colour.  
I will be placing them in our room when we revise the strategy on each card.
I have taught most of these and they will be great to confirm and use when the students need to be prompted.

Thanks Brenda for swapping.

Brenda requested my 'Addition to 20' pack and I can't wait to see what she thinks.

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