A planner for 2013-2104

This is my latest effort.
 I have been playing around with a planner that I would like to use.
So it contains the elements I like.
I have placed it in my digital shops to see how it goes.
I have to say I am in love with the black board theme that is going around at the moment too.

This current version is for the USA school year and in November I will move the calendar slides around to reflect the school year in the Southern Hemisphere.

There are two page spreads for each month as well as a two page whole year calendar.

There are pages for meetings and places for actions, reading and emailing. 

There is also a two page spread for each week - the above picture is one half of that.

I spent ages getting this right - but fell in love with it! Hope you love it too.


  1. This looks great Paula! Organisation is the key, and I'm always looking for ways to improve mine!

  2. All well set.I do love it.Keep it up...


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