What the......

I am not comfortable with animals - so you may be laughing by the end of the post! That is okay as I am laughing about this now. ( Well just a little)
I often blog about visitors to my room - but seriously! I think I am a positive person, I hope I respond to situations in a polite manner - but I will be honest today I struggled. So I think that this is my first blog that has a different slant. Did I mention how uncomfortable I am with animals?
We are doing living and non living - so one of our team members organised a farm visit to come to our school. We all agreed that this was a great idea - notes went home, money come in and today was the day. Not okay with animals!(Have I mentioned that?)
Due to the bad weather Ballarat had today (beyond our control), my grade had the animals visit our room. We had chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, sheep and goats. Remember how I feel about animals?
So twenty minutes later we had poop, wee and hay on our floor. Seriously - I am not an animal person!
And I work with my kids on that floor. My reading, writing, maths and everything else will have to happen in the hallway!!!!!!
Our room smelt like a barn!!!!!!!!!
I had to touch a goat and herd it away from furniture, the sheep was escaping and the rabbits were wet and smelt! Poop and wee everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then the animal farm left - one of our teachers got her rabbit out and then a parent bought her dog for show and tell - I wanted to run away. I cannot take responsibility for what I said or did from 1.00pm to 3.30pm!
My kids went home - they had a lovely day. I looked at my floor and thought - are you kidding me?
Our lovely cleaner and Principal - knowing how I feel (after they laughed) got a carpet cleaner in and now my carpet is smelling like roses.
I could have hugged the man doing my carpet.

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