Pets and Preps

I have to say it again - this is a big term for me!

There are animals everywhere, however this one I organised and I was much more comfortable with it.
 I have a parent in my room who is a vet. An amazing lady and she was so prepared to talk to our preps about pets.
Kate come in and bought her dog Ellie and some other bits and pieces to share with our grade.

Now when I say grade - I should say all 82 of our Preps.
Kate spoke beautifully and helped to make a list of all the things that our pets need, how to look after them, what food they eat, how to clean their teeth (toothbrush and bones). Kate spoke and demonstrated how to approach animals safely.
We were impressed with the x-rays and how similar they were to us. They had backbones, ribs and leg bones.
Kate bought bones, worms in a container and stethoscopes and we listened to Ellie's heart beat.
Ellie was a well behaved dog and - here it comes - she is welcome in our room anytime.

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