My blog as a book

I gave myself a present.
I don't do this very often.
I friend at work who has a great blog called  Flower Garden (which is about her garden, home and sewing) shared her blog book and I knew I just had to have one.
Now you know I live in Australia - well I placed the order on line and in five days my present was in my hands.
Bloggers you absolutely have to check out blog2print there is a 15% sale.
It is now sitting on our coffee table at home and the number of people who have flicked through and said - oh I missed that post or I remember that....
I love it as it gives me a hard copy of all the hard work I put in and collates it beautifully.
It would be nice to do one each year as a
blog - versary present to yourself.
With a few simple clicks - change the front cover picture, check the back page, decide to add comments from other bloggers or not from my blog - click paypal and five days later
my blog
arrived as a book!
I am so happy with it

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