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Anyone who knows me will know I am hyperventilating at this this linky. Some of my favourite things have come together in one post. Thanks so much DeAnne at First Grade and Fabulous for this fantastic link up.

Before you read on - yes I am an Aussie and we say Maths - so please excuse this and if you are in the USA please read it as Math.
One - Maths
Two - Books about Maths
Three - Blogging about Maths - well just blogging
Now - what books do I choose, how long can the post be, oh my!!!!!!!!!

These first two books are the best for teaching location. The characters go up, around, down, over and are amazing for location words.

When I read these books we get out all sorts of objects and make the story come to life. Can you see the little bear moving through the 3D book. I restrict it to an A3 page that way they need to fit it in and make it concise.

Next up are the counting to 10 and friends of ten books. Edwina helps us predict how many out of ten eggs will be girls and boys and we practise writing equations for them. I have a stack more and maybe should do a separate post for these.  

Now here is one of my favourite authors - Dayle Ann Dodds. These books are great for division, multiplication and fractions. I just love them. Kids love the tasks associated with them and often get clarity around the three concepts they contain.

I have saved one of my all time favourites until last. This book is great for skip counting and place value. If 1 is a snail - 4 is a dog, the legs are used to represent numbers. Pretty cool
           Thanks so much DeAnne for this linky - I just loved it! 

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