One hour in our Prep room

This is what happens in one hour in our space!
During Discovery Learning we have opportunities that our students choose from to help explore what they know about Living and Non Living.
We have life drawing of stick insects. Pascale has a cabinet of them - this one is Grand Daddy. We (well the other teachers, not me) remove two from the cabinet and the children draw them. We have magnifying glasses for them to see detail. Our Preppies are even trying to label the parts of the stick insects. After the day I had yesterday - these little critters even poo!
We have a tub of plastic animals that we use for drawing as well. They are looking at the proportion of the animal and trying to draw them accurately.
I have posted a similar photo of our 'How many legs?' Our students are loving this and if they choose this task they are adding a sentence about the animal this week.

Then we have children making puppets and putting on small plays with them.

This long piece of paper contains living things in a row. They are drawing and then adding numerals underneath. They decided to combine their number lines and see how many they could draw. The task is now to get the sequence of numerals right. It stretched from one end of our room to another and around furniture.

The blocks and animals are about making habitats. What would the dinosaurs have lived in? If they use farm animals they make a farm.

The IWB lets children explore making habitats and lots of other things using this UK site - sorry about the quality of the photo.

It is a busy time - noisy - challenging - and worth every bit of it. I will share the planning later next week and how we store the 'stuff' so that children set up and pack up.

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