July Goals

Jess at iheart recess has posted a link for our July goals - I am saddened at the loss of her Grandma as it reminded me of mine. I had blogged about my Grandma earlier this week

I will start by reflecting on my June goals - so here goes
I am on winter break and that hair appointment is tomorrow at 2.30!
I have been ringing my family more often.
Oh dear - more fruit but no walks, it has been cold and wet.
Less work coming home - well if I cross my fingers can I not answer. It has been report writing month......
My goal of 100 followers - well I am sitting on 99 and there are items in my shared iSURF(c) blog and store and we have made some sales. That is exciting.
That book I was meaning to read has been superseded by 'Teach like a Pirate"
Now for this month......

 1 - get to sleep earlier. I am a little challenged time wise - all of my own doing. I love blogging, I love sharing what I do in my classroom, I love collaborating with my colleagues. But I adore my family and I do that other stuff when I am not family focused. Not sure what the answer is to this...

2. I - well we - actually have two great teenagers. No wild parties, no inappropriate friends or major bad choices - but I get frustrated by messy bedrooms, homework, chores and pocket money! I need to get over myself.

3. Blogger butt - said in jest, however I need to blog less and exercise more.

4. Continue on the great journey we have started with Inquiry Learning and support staff and coaches in my capacity as Curriculum Leader and Coach of the Coaches.  

 5. Followers - well I jumped from about 70 to 99 last month, so 11 more seems achievable. Doesn't it?

6. Convince my husband we absolutely have to go to Fiji  in September. He doesn't do overseas travel - our daughter and I have been overseas four times in the last three years.

Well I better organise a health plan  - I can be a little OCD about somethings, so I need to become OCD about this goal.

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